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I’m Vishal, Hi.

As a technologist who is passionate about creating products that evoke emotions, I have helped build over 18 products. I deeply involve myself in the architecture, planning, and development phases of products that employ both machine learning and platform development technologies. In my free time, I dabble in design and collect vinyl records.


NextHub, a dashboard app to add & manage all your NextDNS accounts right on your device. ✨

Dialogue, an app to store and analyze your WhatsApp chats.

Cacti, an encrypted Vault to find and store your sensitive and private photos.


I have been contributing to entropy since 1993.

I'm an egalitarian.

I'm a global citizen.

I make machines learn.

I make apps.

I constructively critique on products.

I design.

I have a good deal of thought to share on philosophy.

I blog at Musings.

I cofounded Verizy.

I cofounded Labyrinth.

I made Cacti. Check it out. Download the Cacti Vault app here.

Check out Labyrinth's YourStory article.

Watch my interview with AWS.

The welcome at WWDC2019.

[email protected]

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